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"They also serve who only stand and wait"
~John Milton, 1655

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US Armed Forces News Service (USAFNS) and is an independent organization, and is not part of, nor endorsed by, any agency of the United States government.


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About US - US Armed Forces News Service (USAFNS)

US Armed Forces News Service Website is wholly owned by CW3 C. Mitchell, US Army (ret.) The organization was incorporated under the laws the State of North Carolina on 30 December 2002. It was created for the sole purpose of providing a platform for the publication of news items about our servicemen and service women.

  USAFNS Contact information:

CW3 C. Mitchell, US Army (Ret.)
114 Geneva Road
New Bern, NC 28562
(o) 252-477-5007
(c) 252-626-8762

For many years, the US Navy's Fleet Home Town News Center (FHTNC)of Norfolk, Virginia created news releases about US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard service members for publication in hometown newspapers. The Joint Hometown News Center (JHNC) of San Antonio, TX did the same thing for USAF and US Army service members. Unfortunately, many of our service members do not receive hometown newspapers, or their hometowns do not have newspapers. Hopefully, our servicemembers will have access to the internet so that they can view the news releases about themselves.

We Support our Troops by publishing news releases that report the activities and accomplishments of active duty service members of our Armed Forces. This site is dedicated to the members and families of the Armed Forces of the United States of America. This includes the US Army, US Navy, USMC, USAF and USCG. The releases are processed and released by the JHNS of Ft. Meade, MD. Releases are published for all 50 states, plus 9 US Territories and Possessions.

Please remember:

     "They also serve who only stand and wait" - John Milton, 1655

USAFNS receives all releases via email, thus saving the US taxpayer the reproduction and mailing costs associated with hardcopy sent through the US Postal Service. The releases are received as soon as they are published, and an automated posting process takes place every working day, once every hour from 8AM to 8PM (all times Eastern). Currently, all releases are left on this website for 60 days, after which, they are deleted at 5:00AM 7 days a week through another automated process.

Media Representatives: Please note that releases posted by JHNS have been released for publication and are public domain. Also, you are encouraged to contact JHNS and using the contact information below:

Joint Hometown News Service (JHNS) Contact Information:

If you are with a newspaper, radio, television, or cable station and would like to
subscribe to US Army, USN, USMC, USAF or USCG Hometown News Releases, Contact:

Radio & Television Stories: Ms N. Schleper,; 301-222-6287

Print Features: Mr M. Tolzmann,; 301-222-6025

If you wish to inquire about a specific print release for Army or Air Force Personnel , please contact:

Mr M. Tolzmann,; 301-222-6025

Fleet Hometown News Center (FHTNC) Contact Information:

If you are with a newspaper, radio, television, or cable station and would like to
subscribe to US Navy, USMC, or USCG Hometown News Print Releases, Contact:

Ms Deborah Grant, ; 757-322-1074

If you wish to inquire about a specific Home Town News release for Navy, USMC or USCG Personnel, please contact:

Ms Deborah Grant, ; 757-322-1074


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