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A Few Good Links for our Troops and their Families!

Other USAFNS Pages with Links: News, Photos, and Art.

All images below are links to patriotic websites:

ca-148-445x120.jpg - 14479 Bytes

Viet Nam Era Music - From the 1960s & 1970s.

Kilroy Was Here - Unknown stories and forgotten places. WWII & Korean war Secrets. Unknown stories revealed & places rediscovered Personal stories of combat & home front, legends, Gremlins and foofighters.

America’s Freedom Broadcast Radio is dedicated to the men and women who carry on the fight for our freedom and liberties and to those that precede them in defense of Freedom and Democracy World Wide.  Our goal is to give our Military, their families, Veterans and first responders a place to listen in from any where in the world so they can connect to their loved ones through music and messages of support.  May God Bless You All.

Orphan Computers of Minneapolis, MN - Discounts for Active Duty Military

This web site is dedicated to the surviving spouses and dependents of military personnel who died while in active military service and to the survivors of veterans who died after active service.  We are grateful for the opportunity to provide quality information and assistance to family members suffering the loss of their husbands and wives, sons and daughters, and mothers and fathers.    navywives-logo.gif - 19375 Bytes   Military Brats Online - For those that grew up attending DoD schools around the globe.

Orphan Computers of Minneapolis, MN - Discounts for Active Duty Military

Blue Star Mothers National Chapter   Charitable site dedicated to providing/remodeling homes for our Troops that have lost limbs, or been paralyzed - a worthwhile cause. Commercial site with Excellent Military Clip Art, Graphics,Images and Military Software Link to The Gamewarden Veterans of Vietnam Association, Inc.  Task Force 116 that performed Riverine Warfare Operations during the Vietnam conflict. Learn how you can donate your Frequent Flyer Miles to our Troops!

marinemomslogo.jpg - 19207 Bytes

serviceflagslogo.gif - 6421 Bytes Down East NC Detachment - Marine Corps League - Greenville, NC: The primary objective of our Detachment is to support our fellow Marines and their families.

Soldier's Angels:  A volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families.

Moving Out  Moving Up  Moving On:   Military Youth on the Move. This site is to help children facing being uprooted by PCS orders. For Elementary, Middle and High School - Children and Teens. From Office of Communications, Outreach and Public Affairs. Good links for entire family on left bottom of mhf.dod.mil

Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System - News, Images, Video, Audio and Publications.

Veterans Administration Survivors Guide The Department of Veterans Affairs recently activated a new website aimed directly at surviving spouses of military members who died on active duty and surviving spouses of veterans who died after serving their country. The website not only has links to the VA pages descriBing Feedsurvivor benefits but also to other government sites that may offer valuable information and assistance. There is also a link to Frequently Asked Questions that answers most questions. For more specific questions, the site tells how to contact the VA directly.

MILblogging.com is the world's largest index of military blogs - searchable by a variety of attributes. Any visitor can find the right milblog that interests them generally in fewer than five clicks. Registered users can submit military blogs. Registration is free! For milbloggers, Milblogging.com provides one of the most productive and efficient online channels available for getting free traffic to your site.

FBI: A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety - English and Spanish Versions

FBI: Crimes Against Children - Links to State Sex Offender Registries - Has links to the sex offender registries for each of the 50 States and District of Columbia. Highly recommended for military families with young children. Is there a registered sex offender residing in the house across the street?

Military Kidz Website: Entertaining website for children. Excellent set of Internet rules for Kids. Includes Patriotic information - The Flag, Presidents, Military Topics, Sign Language for the Deaf, Braille, Guest Book and Coded e-Mail Messages. Military topics include morse code, semaphore and international signal flags.

Fort Bragg, NC: Widely known as home of: Army and Air Force Exchange Service: Sponsors Phone Card donor program for service members:

Surf Safely Search Engine for Children: "Family friendly web directory open only to PICS rated sites. Child safety online by informed content selection using free parental controls, Internet filters and prefiltered Internet service."

Connect for Kids: Guidance for Grown-Ups - Also see Connect for Kids: Supporting Kids with Military Parents.

National Father Initiative: 10 Ways to Be a Better Dad.

Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act This act provides protection for Reservists and National Guardsmen called to active duty. It can save you money, and help you avoid bankruptcy. This subject should be discussed with your legal officer - even if you are not experiencing financial difficulties. You should know your legal rights.

US Army Regulations Commercial website that maintains what appears to be a fairly complete index of Army Regs & Field Manuals. We cannot determine if they are current.

Naval History & Heritage Command: US Navy Art Collection with at least 450 links ranging from "1833 Uniforms" to present.

iCasualties.org Statistical Information "US Casualties by Nationality, Year, Month, Province for Iraq, same information available for Afghanistan."

CPA-Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority - Iraq Due to the dissolution of the CPA, this site for the CPA-Iraq Coalition will no longer be updated. It will remain available for historical purposes until June 30, 2006. Current information for the new sovereign Iraq may be found on the U.S. Embassy-Iraq Web site at:




USCENTCOM - Headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) is one of nine Unified Combatant Commands assigned operational control of U.S. combat forces. USCENTCOM's Commander, General James N. Mattis, reports directly to the Secretary of Defense, who in turn, reports to the President of the United States.

A Unified Combatant Command is composed of forces from two or more services, has a broad and continuing mission, and is normally organized on a geographical basis into regions known as "Areas Of Responsibility" (AORs). USCENTCOM's AOR stretches from the Horn of Africa to Central Asia. This area includes Iraq and Afghanistan.

ESGR Employers Support of the Guard and Reserve: "Many employers have recently expanded their pay differential and medical coverage policies for Reserve and National Guard members called to active duty. The employers listed below have gone above and beyond the requirements of the law in support of their National Guard and Reserve employees." Visit this site and see the list of several hundred Outstanding Employers that are doing 'more than their share' in support of our troops.

HOOAH 4 HEALTH (H4H) "is a web-based health promotion and prevention program developed to respond to the needs of the U.S. Army Reserve Components. The site was launched in May 2000 and since then over 46 million hits have been recorded." The site contains a "Family Deployment Checklist" that should be required reading for deploying soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and their spouses. Highly recommended for troops deploying in the near future.

The Emotional Cycle of Deployment: "In this paper, the emotional cycle of deployment experienced by family members at home is discussed in detail. In order to provide a common frame of reference; this cycle is divided into five distinct stages closely correspond to the soldier's experience of deployment: pre-deployment, deployment, sustainment, re-deployment and post-deployment." Highly recommended for the families and troops deploying in the near future.

Navy LIFELines: "The Official Quality of Life Service Delivery Network of the Department of the Navy, serving Sailors, Marines and their families. " . . . Open to the Public . . .

Army Well-Being Liaison Office (WBLO): Assists the Army Leadership with its constituent communities - Soldiers (Active-Duty, National Guard and Army Reserve), Civilians, Retirees, Veterans and their Family members - to ensure the effective delivery of Well-Being programs to the Army by providing focused representation of constituent interests and attitudes as they relate to Well-Being. " . . . Open to the Public . . .

Veteran Survival: is a non-profit site whose mission is to "Identify needy veterans and match them with appropriate private sector assistance."

Fearless American: Contains a well written open letter to Terrorists, "Dear Terrorists: . . . . "

Defend America - Fallen Warriors: Casualty lists by branch of service.

CNN: War in Iraq: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties: Alphabetical Listing

South Bay Blue Star Moms of Santa Clara, CA.


U.S.C.G. Related Websites:

Coast Guard Visual Imagery Database, your link to Coast Guard video, photos, art, graphics and audio:


Coast Guard Magazine:

The Reservist:

Seapower Magazine:

Coast Guard News Channel:

Navy Times:

The DoD "Early Bird" news clips are accessible to .mil email addressees only, at:

Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety:

CG Auxiliary's official e-magazine "SITREP":

Maritime Safety:

Chief Warrant Officer Association:

Chief Petty Officer Association:

USCG Academy Alumni Association:

The Foundation for Coast Guard History:

The Coast Guard Foundation:

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